Zakiya Lateefah

Lifestyle. Media. Event Coordinator. Wellness will be a one stop shop for me to present myself to the world and allow my supporters the opportunity  to get to know me and see what I'm up to.  I’m excited to share my talents, passions, stories, and skills with you. While you’re here browsing listen to an episode of the podcast, rsvp for my next event, or find a new recipe! Enjoy browsing my site, I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts! 


Peace and love. 

About Zee


Welcome to my site! 

I'm Zakiya Lateefah, the host of Facts of Life podcast, Event Coordinator, Socialite, and Wellness Advocate.  

I love creating because it gives me the freedom to express myself.  

Facts of Life  podcast was created to document my journey from New Haven, CT to Houston, TX. My goal was to listen back to the recorded episodes and reflect on the growth I've made in my life as young adult. The podcast has now turned into a safe space to have open conversations with friends about relationships, self-reflection, mental health, culture and more. 

When I turned 17, I had a birthday party in the backyard of my home. the party inspired me and I knew I wanted to entertain and connect with people. It was then that I discovered my passion for event coordinating. 


I've hosted three networking events in Houston. These networking events were for the female creatives in Houston to connect, inspire and create with one another. My desire is to host and coordinate more events in the future for both men and women to connect and make memories. 


Wellness has been apart of my life and I want to share my health practices with the world. I'm an advocate for becoming the best version of yourself. It is my goal to encourage everyone that I make connections with to find ways that allow them to blossom into their best versions. I personally achieve this through therapy, yoga, meditation, and a plant based diet. Sign up for the newsletter for affirmations, recipes, and possibly some yoga some poses.