My name is Zakiya Hamm and I am the host of Facts Of Life podcast. I started my podcast in 2017 as a way to fulfill my dream as a radio host.

 Initially, my podcast was an audio diary where I documented my journey from Connecticut to Houston, TX by narrating the ups and downs of my life. However, as I have grown over the years, my podcast has now evolved to reflect a safe haven for honest and meaningful conversations about how to navigate the different avenues of life. 

Since the start of my podcast I have been fortunate enough to self-fund the startup costs as well as the costs for hosting events to promote my work. However, I would like to increase the quality of my content that I provide both visually and professionally. I would like to start vlogging, and building a lifestyle brand. I would also like to offer other podcasters that are up and coming the opportunity to utilize my equipment as they begin their journey. As I stated, there is no blueprint. But if we come together collectively to help one another than we can all succeed. 

In order to make my dreams a reality I will need to purchase a new camera (Nikon Coolpix B500), microphone stands and (whatever else you need to purchase), with this camera I will be able to produce more visual content for the supporters of the podcast as well as give the show a more professional look, and with the microphone stands I will be able to have more guests on the show for an opportunity to promote their brand/businesses to circulate more money back into the community. The cost of the camera on Amazon is $256.9 and the microphone stands cost $24.99 in total I would like to raise $290 to cover both pieces of equipment. 

Anything you’re able to donate is going to be extremely beneficial. Thank you so much for investing in me and my dreams. If you have any questions (or ideas!) please reach out to me. I am eternally grateful for you seeing me and believing in me.