Facts of Life Podcast, a safe haven to encourage everyone to tell their truth. 

Listen bi-weekly as host Zakiya  and friends dissect self-reflection, family relationships, the importance of therapy, beginning stages of entrepreneurship, culture and much more. 

Episode Highlights 


Episode 47

Episode 47 ft. Sheridan from Southerncouture. Looking to get into marketing? Listen to this episode as we discuss brand management, digital marketing, celebrating yourself, and conspiracy theories! 

Episode 43. ft. The Roommates from the Roommates Podcast. Let's talk about women taking accountability, healing from break ups, and do women move too fast in relationships?


Episode 43


Episode 39


Episode 39. ft Typhane from Two Twelvn w Tee Podcast.

Solo Podcasters connect through making a change in media as women, moving on from unhealthy romantic relationships, puppy talk, and much more. 

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